By Angela Zhang (IQC Insights, China)

Burger King launched their “new meat” product the plant-based WHOPPER in their 325 outlets across Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou on December 23, 2020.

Besides their offline restaurants, the new WHOPPER is also available for sale online in the Chinese market: ELEME, Meituan, WeChat, Alipay, etc.

Different from the plant-based meatballs served in IKEA’s restaurants in China, at first I learned this news from a Chinese mukbang (eating show) on Sina Weibo, rather than any traditional news agencies. A local vlogger with 3.4 million followers on that platform tasted this creative WHOPPER on its…

By Angela Zhang (IQC Insights, China)

Contrary to recent popular belief that China’s alternative protein market is still in its very early stage, the industry can be traced back as early as the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC — 8 AD), when the King of Huainan Liu An invented tofu, the key ingredients and excellent protein for traditional vegetarian diets.

However, vegetarian diets did not become popular and specialised until the Song Dynasty (960–1279). This is also the first time that imitation meat is served in family kitchens and local restaurants, made from flour, taro, soybeans, etc. …

Angela Zhang

Angela Zhang has rich experience in analyzing the latest market movement and trend of China’s animal protein and emerging alternative protein industries.

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